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Therapeutic Living Center

Maplewood’s Therapeutic Living Center (TLC) is a specialized, secure area on the facility’s fourth floor, where customized programs and additional staff are available for short or long term treatment for residents with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other behavioral disorders.

Maplewood’s TLC Unit provides a flexible therapeutic environment, where opportunities are provided for residents to live at their highest functional level. Residents are encouraged to learn modifications in their behavior in order to maintain and promote their own safety and wellbeing, and to not interfere with the safety and wellbeing of other residents or staff.

As part of the therapeutic environment, Maplewood staff provide tailored program planning to meet residents’ behavioral needs and to provide opportunities for involvement in social activities, sensory stimulation, and just plain fun and enjoyment. Maplewood’s TLC Unit keeps as its primary goal maintaining a high quality of life for each if its residents.

Maplewood’s TLC Unit accepts both private pay and Medicaid clients.