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Cheshire County Grants Department 


The County of Cheshire employs a full-time grants manager and full-time grants specialist that together oversee the fiscal and contractual obligations of most grants awarded to the County. The grants department monitors, reports, and in general manages all financial and contractual aspects of grant awards, as well as searches for grants and coordinates grant writing process.

Cheshire County Grants Department is not a grant-making agency. Its primary purpose is to manage grants the County receives and to apply for grants on behalf of the County.

Cheshire County recognizes that grants and other funding sources provide significant resources to enhance the county’s ability to provide services and activities not otherwise available with taxpayer money. The county grants department seeks grants for projects and programs that are determined by the commissioners to further core county functions or that provide for activities which are in the best interests of Cheshire County citizens and taxpayers.

The department writes and manages most competitive grants that Cheshire County receives. It delivers incredible value by offsetting costs of county-provided services by fiscal sponsoring organizations who are expanding community services, and by creating and sustaining jobs. As time allows, and upon request, the grants manager assists municipalities and nonprofits who serve Cheshire County residents with technical assistance and grant writing instruction. The department aims to bring in as much grant funding to the region as possible.



Cheshire County’s mission is to be value and service driven and its grants department delivers incredible value by offsetting the costs of various County services and expanding the services in the community by being a fiscal sponsor to area organizations.


Cheshire County Grants
12 Court Street
Keene, NH 03431

Suzanne Bansley
Grants Manager

(603) 355-3023
Fax (603) 355-3000