Vince & Larry Meet County Officials

Cheshire County Safety Department ensures that the County provides a safe and healthful workplace free of recognized hazards and in accordance with established policies and procedures. Employee education includes Defensive Driving, Fire Safety, Fire Extinguisher Training, Bus Safety and Workers Right to Know. Disaster and fire drills are held, which test our policies and procedures, ensuring changes and improvements to those policies.

Ergonomic improvements are performed on a county-wide basis, and the Safety Officer manages the Worker’s Compensation program and temporary alternative duty programs for those experiencing a job related injury or illness.

The Maplewood Complex Safety Committee and the Cheshire County Joint Loss Management Committee inspect county facilities on a regular basis.

June is National Safety Month. Vince and Larry, the crash test dummies, visited County facilities and County employees to spread the word to that everyone needs to think about safety while driving.

Larry is Cheshire County’s own National Safety Council certified defensive driving instructor, making available education for county employees on driving safety. This is our commitment, as a pro-active, safety conscious County.


Cheshire County Safety Department

Cheshire County
Maplewood Nursing Home
201 River Road
Westmoreland, NH 03467
(603) 399-7375

Steve Perrin
Safety Coordinator