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Victim/Witness Coordinator Services

Intervention and support – Involve victim in court process as soon as coordinator is made aware of the case.

Orientation to the criminal justice system – Explain the court process and court procedures to all victims of crime.

Assistance with interviews – Assist local police departments with interviews of victims on an as needed basis.

Case status and disposition – Inform victims and witness of ongoing status, dates and times of hearings, trials, final disposition, sentence review, reduction and parole hearings.

Court support services – Provide pretrial courtroom tours, accompany and support victims throughout the pre-trial hearings, the trial and post-trial hearings.

Referrals – Direct the victim to community resources for further assistance. This includes counseling services as well.

Property return assistance – Facilitate the return of property being held as evidence.

Assistance with restitution – Assist with handling of court-ordered restitution.

Assistance with Victim Impact Statements – Assist in the preparation of a statement to the Court describing the impact the crime has had on the victim. Accompany victim to the sentencing hearing.

Parole Notification – Ensure that the victim is notified of the right to speak at the defendant’s parole hearing and is informed of changes in parole status. Accompany victim/family to appeals, reduction in sentence hearings, and parole hearings at the State Prison.