May 2024 Employee of the Month, EMT Gwen Shaw

Posted on May 17, 2024

Cheshire County’s Employee of the Month for May 2024 is EMT Gwen Shaw with Cheshire County EMS!

Hear from her colleagues about what makes Gwen an exceptional employee and person to work with.

“When you have a person on your team whose actions resonate pride in the company, skilled care of patients, and a kindness to her coworkers, you take notice. At CCEMS Gwen Shaw is that person.

Gwen started and maintains a recycling program at CCEMS. She rinses out items people forget to, she checks each one to be sure it is in fact recyclable, and she takes them to the dump on her personal time.

In regard to her kindness – Gwen is always available to run an idea by, get an honest opinion from, or just to have fun with. We also often find ourselves being served full course meals. Most recent, it was appetizers (bruschetta), salad, “fancy” shepherds pie, and an amazing cheesecake with blueberry topping. For Zach’s going away party she made a restaurant worthy salmon dinner with appetizers and the most amazing dessert pastries! She has never made a bad meal for us. And has never skimped on fresh, raw ingredients. She is very health minded, and she shares that with the food she prepares for us. Everything she makes is time-consuming, delicious and perfect!

Her strengths carry over to her work as an EMT as well. Although I have not worked on a truck very often with Gwen, I have witnessed and been told that she is incredibly precise, caring, and calm. She does not balk at difficult situations; in fact she sets examples of how to take them on safely and efficiently. Even at 3am Gwen is giving stretchers the cleaning of a lifetime and patients a smile, and the best care possible. And you’d be hard pressed to remember a time that she complained.

Gwen gives so much time to the organization and her co-workers in many direct and indirect ways. She deserves recognition for all that she does and represents. And I am quite certain she will hate it.”

“Gwen is fastidious and a self-starter. She is extremely thorough with base chores. She is exceptionally polite and professional, has a sound bedside manner and outstanding patient care. Gwen is warm and generous towards her shift-mates; she cooks for us often out of kindness. She is exceptionally humble and modest however her skills are top-notch. Gwen is universally well liked by all coworkers, across all shifts.”

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