Professional Standards and Responding to Resistance

In order to keep with the spirit of transparency, the policies will be made public, as we review each one.  Some policies due to the nature of the content (protected by statute or confidentiality will not be posted).

Use of Force Statistics

Response to Resistance by Use of Force Statistic 2015-2019
Response to Resistance by Use of Force Statistic 2020-2024
Pursuit Statistics 2022-2026

Professional Standards Index

Code of Ethics
Community Ride-along Program
COVID-19 Continuity of Operations
Duty to Intervene
IEA Transport
Legal Authority Defined
Line of Duty Death
Oath of Office and Deputation
Organizational Structure
Persons with Mental Illness
Prisoner Rape Elimination Act
Sheriff’s Office Award Policy
Social Media
Responding to Resistance (formerly known as Use of Force)
Written Directive System
(Policies will be added as they get reviewed)