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Major Mousseau, Safety Officer

As Safety Officer, Major Mousseau is responsible for the facility and ensuring the safety of the public, inmates, and staff.  Major Mousseau has been with the Cheshire County Department of Corrections for over twetny years, with the majority of his time as a supervisor.  The Major brings all his education and experience to the forefront.  As a leader in County Corrections, he is recognized for his ability to effectively manage inmate relations, correctional officer supervision and crisis incidents.

This officer achieves positive communication and direction.  He obtained an Associates Degree in Business Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Franklin Pierce University.  Major Mousseau has a discipline and dedication to duty that  reflects in his work ethic and his outstanding demeanor.

Major Mousseau attended the National Institute of Corrections for training on “How to run a Direct Supervision Jail”, one of the many areas in which officers are currently being trained in.  He has taught county jail officers as well as police officers in the use of the Taser, OC Pepper Spray,  Handcuffing and many other tactical classes.

Current and Past Accomplishments and relative work for Major Mousseau includes:

  • PATH- Practical and Tactical Handcuffing Instructor
  • Controlled Force Level 1 (Mechanical Advantage Subject Control)
  • Controlled Force Level 2 (Survival Force Reactionary Defense)
  • Taser X2 and X26 Instructor
  • OC Pepper Spray – Instructor
  • Monadnock PR-24 and Straight Baton Instructor
  • Glock ARMORER
  • Association of Counties Correctional Academy Instructor
  • Graduate Part Time Police Officer’s School NH PSTC
  • Part-Time Police Officer Chesterfield, and Roxbury NH
  • AA in management – Franklin Pierce University
  • BA in criminal justice- Franklin Pierce University