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Inmate Mail

Mail for inmates must be mailed to:

Cheshire County D.O.C
825 Marlboro Road
Keene, NH 03431

Privileged Mail

Privileged mail is mail to or from attorneys, authorized representatives acting in their official capacities, legal aid services, or other agencies providing legal services. Incoming mail will be opened for inspection in the presence of the offender – it will not be read. Outgoing mail will not be opened unless there is a reasonable belief that there is contraband or information relative to the breach of security inside the envelope.  Legal mail from any court and/or attorneys will be opened in front of the inmate.

Non-privileged Mail

Mail with stickers on the outside (except return address labels) will be returned to sender. This is for safety and security reasons – families should not put stickers on envelopes.

Greeting cards will not be authorized and will either be returned or placed into Inmate Property.  This is for safety and security reasons.

Please refrain from putting any foreign substances on mail (lipstick, perfume, etc..) mail with foreign substances on it is subject to being returned or placed in the inmate’s property. Mail with stickers on it will be denied and either returned or put into the inmate’s property as well.

Nuisance bulk mail is not authorized, and will be disposed of upon arrival.

All incoming mail will be inspected at random for contraband. Introduction of contraband by mail, to include tobacco, postage stamps, matches, drugs, weapons, or any other non-approved item is a violation of the law and could result in felony charges being filed against you.

Inmates may receive photographs as long as they are no larger than 4 x 6 inches and do not depict nudity or semi-nudity of anyone or gang related materials. Inmates are not allowed to have more than 10 photographs in their possession at any time. Computer images are acceptable, each sheet is one picture, and is not to be posted.

We accept newspapers by mail only.  We accept religious publications from churches, ministries, and publishers only.

Incoming mail may not contain any type of applied “stickers” or other types of appliqué, pasted or glued on attachments or other items applied or attached to the envelope or the contents of the envelope in any manner or fashion. No mail containing drawings or writing using crayons, markers, colored pencils or pens, glitter pens, etc., will be accepted. All stamps will be removed from the envelope.


Packages must be pre-approved prior to being mailed in.  It is the responsibility of the offender to make sure this is done.  Books must come from a book store or publisher and may be mailed in, once approved.

Books may be mailed directly from the publisher, distributor or clearing house direct to the Safety and Security Department.

All books become the property of the Cheshire County DOC, however all attempts will be made for the inmate who they are sent in for to be given first read of the books

Please make sure the intended recipient is referenced on the invoice