Downshifting Costs in NH Webinar – October 4, 2021

Posted on June 29, 2022

This meeting was held October 4, 2021 between the NH Association of Counties, the NH Municipal Association, the NH School Boards Association, and the NEA New Hampshire to address the impact of State Cost Shifting to all segments of New Hampshire citizenry.

PowerPoint Handout for Webinar

Video Recording of Webinar


Background information for Webinar:
From the County Commissioners Letter of June 19, 2021

State of New Hampshire’s Broken Promises

“Your property taxes have tripled in the past 20 years, and the reason has virtually nothing to do with local town, city or county spending. These increases have everything to do with state cost shifting. The actions of the state, including the Governor, both political parties of the Legislature and the Courts have been systematically breaking nearly every promise government has made to municipalities and counties. Shifting taxation to the local property tax payer is not sustainable. We hope that through increasing awareness and information, we can reverse this trend. Every individual property tax payer should demand that state-level revenue sources be utilized more sustainably so as to provide relief for property tax payers.”