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2021 - 2022 Cheshire County Delegation

County government consists of two branches; a Legislative Branch, the County Delegation, comprised of twenty-four elected Representatives, and an Executive Branch, consisting of three Commissioners.

The primary role of the County Delegation is to appropriate the necessary funds to operate the county.

Many laws passed in Concord have a direct fiscal impact on County government.  As lawmakers and county delegates, members of the County Delegation have the knowledge and insight of state law, which enables them to deal effectively with the financial ramifications state law has on their county.

Full Delegation Executive Committee District Name Town Address1 Address2 Phone Email
XDistrict 1Michael D. AbbottHinsdaleP. O. Box 174Hinsdale, NH 03451(603)
ChairDistrict 1Paul BerchWestmoreland956 River RoadWestmoreland, NH 03467(603)
Vice-Chair XDistrict 1Cathryn HarveyChesterfieldP. O. Box 414Spofford, NH 03462(603)
District 1Lucy McVitty WeberWalpole217 Old Keene RoadWalpole, NH 03608(603)
District 2John E. MannAlstead35 Prentice Hill RoadAlstead, NH 03602(603)
Chair XDistrict 3Daniel Adams EatonStoddard43 Shedd Hill RoadStoddard, NH 03464(603)
District 4Lawrence WelkowitzKeene37 Church Street Apt. 4Keene, NH 03431(603) 358-2517
ClerkDistrict 5John BordenetKeene22 Woodbury StreetKeene, NH 03431(603)
XDistrict 6Dru FoxKeene50 Eastview RoadKeene, NH 03431(602)
XDistrict 7Sparky Von PlinskyKeene18 Allen CourtKeene, NH 03431(706)
District 8Donovan FentonKeene6 Kendall RoadKeene, NH 03431(603)
District 9Richard AmesJaffrey12 Blackberry LaneJaffrey, NH 03452(603) 532-6781amesin
District 9Andrew ManevalHarrisvilleP. O. Box 300Harrisville, NH 03450(603)
District 10Lucius ParshallMarlborough81 Stone Pond RoadMarlborough, NH 03455(603)
XDistrict 11John B. HuntRindge1000 Sauvala Drive Rindge, NH 03461(603)
XDistrict 11Jim QualeyRindge18 Meadow View RoadRindge, NH 03461(603)
ClerkDistrict 12Barry FaulknerSwanzey109 Sawyer Crossing RoadSwanzey, NH 03446(603)
Vice-ChairDistrict 12Jennie GomarloSwanzey100 Cram Hill RoadSwanzey, NH 03446(603) 352-9282
District 13Benjamin Kilanski Winchester60 Mechanic Street Winchester, NH 03470(603) 762-5304
District 14Matthew SantonastasoRindge343 US Rte 202Rindge, NH 03461(978) 846-7569
XDistrict 15Jennifer Rhodes Rindge59 Parker StreetWinchester, NH 03470(603)
District 16Amanda E. TollKeene24 Base Hill RoadKeene, NH 03431(603)
District 16Joe SchapiroKeene288 Church StreetKeene, NH 03431(603)

Delegation/Ex. Committee/ Subcommittee Minutes