Posted on December 6, 2022

Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking candidates for this full time, benefitted position.


Under the direction of the High Sheriff, responsible for performing supervisory, administrative and technical work which involves planning, organizing, equipping/deployment, installation and maintenance of all communications equipment for Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office.  This includes all Sheriff’s Office fleet vehicles and personal communication devices.  This position also acts as communications and electronics advisor for other agencies in order to facility interoperability and preparedness for emergency and disaster situations.


  1. Maintains inventory and record of condition of all communications equipment including that acquired with federal grant funds as required by Federal and State guidelines, including depreciation tracking required for official reporting
  2. Assists Grant Manager prepare applications for outside funding and provides technical justifications for equipment
  3. Prepares environmental/historical preservation related reports/information as necessary within the guidelines of federal grants, as well as providing other documentation necessary to achieve grant funding for communications related needs.
  4. Prepares completed documentation as required for federal audits
  5. Maintains several FCC licenses for law enforcement in Cheshire County as related to the Sheriff’s Office Radio Service, via the FCC/Universal Licensing System including critical renewal deadlines, administrative and physical updates, new site coordination and construction completion notices and other upkeep.
  6. Familiarity with FCC Rules and Regulations, especially relating to Part 90
  7. Maintains close working relationship with the NH State Police and NH (DRED)s Division of Forestry and Lands, as well as other State, local and private entities with whom the County has invested in sharing communications resources to monitor and ensure optimum continuity of operations of critical related equipment and space.
  8. Trains and certifies law enforcement officers as authorized MDT users, utilizing curriculum that is approved by the NH State Police
  9. Completes collaborative reports for disparate jurisdiction grants as required to justify the continuance of funding
  10. Coordinates and reviews work assignments performed by subordinates
  11. Maintains extensive familiarity of a large and complex communications system needs and components. Provides oversight with input into new design engineering and coordination of upgrades.  Must be able to correctly recognize and prioritize the need for repairs with various types of critical equipment
  12. Coordinates routine and emergency repairs with contract vendors and supervises or assists with technical work as necessary
  13. Inspects remote radio site operations and security to include physical inventory status and accessibility
  14. Maintains thorough familiarity with mobile and portable radio programming needs and operations, as well as knowledge of actual use by boots on the ground radio user level for law enforcement
  15. Supports deputy fleet radio operation, including problem detection, programming and troubleshooting
  16. Monitors security of the Incident Command Trailer and coordinates the service and maintenance, technical upgrades, operations conditions and deployment as well as training
  17. Provides the Tactical Communications Response Vehicle with operational equipment, support and training
  18. Understands and searches for means of accomplishing Radio/Communications Interoperability and awareness of the status and relations within the Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan (SCIP)
  19. Oversees equipment replacement at existing sites as well as buildout at new remove receive/transmit or relay sites
  20. Maintains relationships with colleagues from other agencies in various disciplines throughout a large region in order to participate in forums that promote collaboration for new planning and problem solving
  21. Monitors the Uninterrupted Power Supply and automatic power transfer systems that power the dispatch center. Anticipates problems and their solutions
  22. Maintains awareness of the readiness and actual performance of the building generator which supplies emergency power to the dispatch center during a power emergency. Works with County Facility personnel if necessary to work out known issues
  23. Plans/Manages personal communication devices and connectivity for Sheriff’s Office personnel. Including maintaining participation in the GETS/WPS system.  Trains personnel on the application/operational use of issued communication devices
  24. Participates in the Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee meetings and workshops to give voice to Cheshire County communications interoperability involvement. Ensures coordination and compliance with other agencies and disciplines statewide
  25. Consents to 24/7 on-call


  • Three (3) years full time technical experience in the repair of radio communications equipment
  • A diploma or certificate from a recognized trade, technical or vocational school above the high school level with a concentration in the concepts of information technology, electronics or electronics engineering in addition to proven knowledge and experience in said areas.
  • Knowledge of operations and maintenance policies, practices and procedures used with radio-telephone transmitters, receivers and test equipment
  • Knowledge of the theory and principles of electricity and radio as applied to the operation and maintenance of communications nets
  • Knowledge of FCC rules and regulations pertaining to the transmission and receipt of messages by radio and power and frequency checks required on all transmitting equipment
  • Knowledge of Information Technology and applied network building
  • The ability to supervise technical personnel
  • The ability to establish and maintain harmonious relationships with employees, law enforcement officials and other regulatory and/or emergency agency officials and the general public
  • Requires advanced knowledge of LAN/WAN topologies, desktop and laptop software and hardware functionality along with appropriate system applied networking and network building knowledge and troubleshooting skills
  • Knowledge of the procedures of writing policy.
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles involved in the operation of radio, telephone, computer, and related communications equipment.
  • Knowledge of the County’s geographic areas.
  • Considerable knowledge of computer hardware, software, and network equipment, including familiarity with the concepts and terminology and use in a public safety communications environment.
  • Leadership, planning, financial management, and supervisory skills.
  • Knowledge of web design and support services.
  • Ability to test and diagnose computer problems and to investigate ways to resolve problems.
  • Ability to prepare accurate, complete, and clear reports and to maintain all necessary records.
  • Ability to recognize department-wide priorities and work cooperatively to support their accomplishment.
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities.
  • Ability to act as a role model for employee morale and positive employee relations.
  • Ability to market programs and ideas; to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing; to establish positive public relations, and to interact effectively with a wide variety of people.
  • Possession of a valid NH Drivers’ License of the light commercial or high category and an FCC first class radio-telephone operators’ license