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201 River Rd.
Westmoreland, N.H. 03467

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Gina Cutler
Occupational Therapy
(603) 399-7309

Laurel Moody
Physical Therapy Director


(603) 399-7005 FAX
(603) 399-4912 TDD


Congratulations Gina Cutler
New Hampshire Association of Counties
Nursing Home Employee of 2005




Maplewood's Therapy Gym includes approximately 2400 square feet of therapy space,
including a wheelchair accessible indoor therapy pool.


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are trained to work with a variety of special needs residents in the following therapeutic areas:

At Maplewood, Occupational Therapy offers services including self care retraining, arm and hand rehabilitation, cognitive retraining, family education, splinting, home safety assessments, and home skills preparation. Occupational Therapy is the use of self care, work and play activities to increase independent function, enhance quality of life, and prevent disability. Occupational Therapy is based on the belief that purposeful activity prevents or mediates dysfunction of physical or psychological origin. Occupational Therapy works with each individual to make his/her life as purposeful and productive as possible!

Physical Therapy is a moving experience at Maplewood Nursing Home. Our main goal for all residents is to achieve, if able, or maintain, as possible, their highest level of independent functioning. The Physical Therapy Department offers services to all residents in the following capacity: initial and yearly evaluations with quarterly checks and maintenance therapy, as indicated, as well as skilled levels of therapy, when appropriate.

Maplewood offers Speech Therapy services in the areas of dysphagia (swallowing management), communications skills (oral and non-oral), reading and writing skills and cognitive retraining. Speech Therapy offers individual treatments, and staff, family and patient education. Speech therapy can assist residents to find a method of communication so they can enjoy communicating with family and friends!

Maplewood is certified to bill Medicare Part B and other commercial insurance, when applicable, for all of the above therapy services.


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