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Report of The Maplewood Task Force
June 17, 2014


1st Compendium Report Regarding
 Maplewood Nursing Home

Posted 6/27/13
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MNH Task Force Minutes 2013 - 2014
Posted 06/30/14

MNH Task Force Members
Posted 4/14/14

Public Hearings Schedule

Chesterfield - Chesterfield School - October
Alstead - Vilas School - October
Jaffrey- Franklin Pierce  - November
Keene - Keene Middle School - November

YouTube Link - Video of Chesterfield Meeting 10/9/14
1:34 hours in-length
YouTube Link -
Video of Keene Meeting 10/20/14
1:59 hours in-length
YouTube Link - Video of Alstead Meeting 10/23/14
1:58 hours in-length
YouTube Link - Video of Jaffrey Meeting 10/30/14
hours in-length


Send Your Comments on Maplewood
 to the Commissioners:
Maplewood Comments

Green House Feasibility Study
 Financial Worksheets

Posted 9/24/14