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River Road
Westmoreland, NH 03467

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Farm Manager receiving award
(Pictured is David Putnam, County Farm Manager and Deborah Hinman from Natural Resources Conservation Services)

The farm was the proud recipient of the 2002 "Conservationist of the Year" award presented by Deborah Hinman, Natural Resources Conservation Services. This was accomplished by the hard work done to protect the waterways and riverbanks of the farm property. A cattle lane, bridge and fencing were installed to allow the cows to cross sensitive wetland areas near the barns.

May 4, 2011 Auction (Video)


Cheshire County Commons - Farm and Food Hub


Posted:  February 3, 2012

Letter of Interest Due Date: March 31, 2012


The County of Cheshire is seeking letters of interest for leasing County owned property

on River Road in Westmoreland, NH.  Letters of interest could include the lease, development or other use of the property consistent with the range of potential uses

established by the Cheshire County Delegation by and through the Farm Committee.  (Click on link to download informational PDF)


Cheshire County Farm and Infrastructure Feasibility Study

Final Report - February 21, 2012

Submitted jointly by Cheshire County Conservation District, Land for Good, and the Monadnock Conservancy

County Jail Reuse - Request for Interest - Distribution List

Posted March 29, 2012